Life Science Leader Blogs

  1. A Behind The Scenes Look Into Planning For BIO 2018 — Thus Far

    A behind the scenes look into the educational planning for the 2018 BIO International Convention in Boston.

  2. More from the Women of Biopharma — Full Measures of Progress

    In the December 2017 issue’s article, “The Women of Biopharma — Will They Gain or Lose Ground in 2018?” we summarize the responses of those who chose to contribute as panelists in a “virtual roundtable” discussion. Here, as promised, we are posting their written responses in full.

  3. Will Neuroscience R&D Be The Next Big Thing — Again?

    Merck’s VP and head of neuroscience research, Darryle Schoepp, shares insight as to why there is increased interest in developing therapeutics targeting neurodegenerative diseases.

  4. What Kinds Of Deals To Expect At JPM In 2018

    Merck’s SVP of BD and licensing, Ben Thorner, provides insight into what type of deals to expect at the 36th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

  5. 7 Tips To Get You Ready For JPM 2018

    Seven tips to get you ready for attending the 36th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

  6. Why Every Company Needs A Bio Strategy

    Today we stand on the precipice overlooking a new frontier — the century of biology, and businesses of all kinds need to be prepared to not only embrace what is coming, but have a strategy for how to leverage biology for the betterment of their businesses and the good of the planet.

  7. What Is BIO Hoping To See Among Session Submissions For 2018?

    Life Science Leader Chief Editor Rob Wright is cochairing the 2018 BIO educational program planning committee. In this blog he talks about why this was the earliest the planning committee has ever met and what you can do to submit interesting and novel session proposals that will get the attention of the committee.

  8. The Essentials Of Your BIO 2018 Educational Session Proposal

    Next week, BIO will invite biopharmaceutical industry experts to submit educational topic session proposals for the 2018 BIO International Convention in Boston, June 4 - 7. The 2018 call for sessions and speakers opens on Thursday, September 14, and closes on Thursday, October 12, 2017. As I have (once again) agreed to serve as a BIO educational program planning committee co-chair, I have a vested interest in its success. My goal in helping biopharma’s largest and most influential global event, is to assist in creating such a strong educational program, that when you see this year’s offerings you will deem BIO 2018 in Boston as a must attend. However, I need your help to pull this off. The only question is: Will your participation be active — or passive?

  9. My Top 10 Quotes From David Hung, Axovant Sciences CEO

    Forbes once called Merck’s Ken Frazier a “quote machine,” but I’d say David Hung is just as deserving of that moniker. I interviewed Hung, the new CEO of Axovant Sciences, at the BIO conference in June, and throughout our discussion I found myself smiling. Hung, who saw the company he founded, Medivation, be acquired by Pfizer for $14.3 billion, will be the subject of a Life Science Leader magazine exclusive feature in our October 2017 issue. During our conversation he provided a plethora of statements I found so memorable that I decided to put together a list of my top 10 favorites — listed in the order they occurred during conversation.

  10. The Mechanics Of Hyperbole

    Oncology isn’t the only therapeutic area subject to the hyperbole of hope. It is just the most perfect example of hype, an all-too-common state of mind in the “cancer community.